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Another BSL stamp by ILTBYYum yum nazi uniforms by Aniki-Yao-WangSexy Russian Accent Stamp by Hazel-AlmondsAnimal lover. by Monster-BoarCulture by Skuld-Youngest-NornStamp - Pokemon: NotJustAGame by jennyrogueVan Helsing Werewolf Stamp by sugarpoultryStamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirlBird Lover Stamp by GodbirdStamp: Basshunter Fan by realdeal2u4uItaloBrothers Stamp by cascadianrainScooter Stamp by GoldenTigerDragonLindsey Stirling by HeartOfArendelleOwl Totem Stamp by VampsStockTaxidermy IS Art Stamp by Lupen202Skulls Stamp by ShadyufoThe Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary stamp by ChrysalislovertLoZ Stamp by antnkrlzSkyward Sword Stamp by HystericDesignsHelmaroc King Stamp by FreezingIceKirbyCoffee rules by cafeinomaneI Heart Tea Stamp by croakyDisco Chicken Stamp by psyco-dragonStamp - The awesome chickens by Colonel-ChickenCrazy About Chickens by DawnAllynnPC - Chicken Stamp by Colonel-ChickenBirdies. by Monster-BoarI love Turkeys by WishmasterAlchemistnazi fetish. by ValotoxindA Flashing Stamp. by jugga-lizzleShut up and DRAW by sexpizzaWe Love Esk by anti-fidelityI love Gulls by WishmasterAlchemistRespect for the dA staff plz? by ChikitaWolfClub stamp - Sobaku-no-Sniper by PearlEden-FanClubBeast of Oblivion Support Stamp by noctem-tenebrisDr.Conner- Tatchit Stamp by Wolf-ReaperTatchit Stamp by Wolf-ReaperI Support Ahkward! by CelticLlamaWhat is an Artist? by NeikoishI Visit My Visitors Stamp by girfan97Comment Stamp by PoiizuInteract Stamp + Plz by UnicornRealityGive a Llama, Get a Llama by mushirDon't thank me for.. stamp by wol4ica-stockJak and Daxter by MarlenesstampsJak stamp by miyuku258Zack Fair Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClubReno Stamp by Final-FantasyVIIClubOkami stamp by THODRAGONFIRE
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Feathercat Adopt -OPEN- by Napoisk
Feathercat Adopt -OPEN-
This Feathercat is up for auction!
Starting Bid: $5
Minimum Increment: $1
Autobuy: $15
Payment via Paypal only.
The winner will receive the character and all rights to it other than the ownership of the species/concept itself. They will receive also the full resolution image. If it is autobought, I will do a sketch of your feathercat. If it is not ab'd, but is purchased with something lower than AB price, and the winner pays an extra $4, I will sketch your Feathercat also to give you a work of it already.
About Feathercats: Feathercats always have natural colors and natural markings. Their feathers are the only thing that will be very exotic and bright in color. The fur on the tail will also have hues of bright colors that you see in the feathers. Nearer the end of the tail, the more visible the color hues. They can have as many small feathers as you like anywhere on their bodies, but can only have four long, tendril-like feathers, two on each shoulder/shoulderblade(that general region). They are very solitary and can be incredibly territorial and fight a lot over this. Mature males tend to have large ruffs around their necks that flare up(much like a rooster) when they are about to fight. They have three bands of brightly colored flesh around their necks. These are heat sensors, as they are very bad at retaining heat. These tend to be vivid blues and reds, and can be bright to icy blues, oranges, and yellows.
Auction ends: 24 hours after last bidder unless autobought.
Please reply with your bid to last highest bidder so they know they have been outbid.
This auction will take place on fA also, and I will reply with that user's bid if they outbid someone here.
Current Bid: ---
Owned by: ---
Concept and art (c) Iskus Mind

Some of you know I recently got a wolf hybrid puppy, Zeus, a dog I have wanted for YEARS. Last night, he showed symptoms of parvo(vomiting and diarrhea). He is not lethargic however and is very happy and energetic. I do not want to take risks though. I have been carefully monitoring him and seeing if the symptoms intensify. If this is the case, I want to take him to the vet immediately. Unfortunately, a vet bill is money we do not have, nor do I. All the cash from these adopts/designs are going to be saved up for a vet bill so I can get Zeus checked up, given medication if needed, and get his shots. If you want to donate, I am eternally grateful, please just let me know. I am opening customs of Common Spyxx, Feathercats, and any of the creatures you see on this sheet: Much Critters Adoptables -OPEN- 1 left! by Napoisk
Greater Spyxx Lines by Napoisk
Greater Spyxx Lines
A sketch of a Greater Spyxx. Greater Spyxx have two more ears, more exotic colors and can have more markings. They have begun growing their Crowns and have learned their love of metals, and are crafting bells they like to hang in their dens or on themselves. The first bell they ever create is what is hung on their jawlet, the bottom part of the Crown that goes under the head and around the neck kind of like a necklace. They get long locks of fur that are flowy and are fluffy because who doesn't love fluff?
I also forgot the claws, oh well, next time

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